What happens if I already have a domain?

We can simply link your domain with the website and if you have your own webspace then will be uploaded to your space after being provided with access details.

Will I own the domain or will Viper Digital?

The client will ALWAYS own the domain and will be registered using their own details.

Will Nice Websites update the website when needed?

Yes for the first 12 months there is FREE updates on all websites. After that you can take out an annual maintenance contract each year for any future updates, leaving you to get on with your business while the website staying right up to date. The Maintenance contracts table can be found on a seperate page.

What is a CMS website?

CMS- Content Managed System is a database driven website with more rich content than a standard HTML. Many other features can be added as well as being able to be updated partly or wholly by the client themselves. More interactive websites can be created and Social Media integration installed. We use WordPress, Joomla and Drupal platforms with many thousands of themes available to suit all businesses and organisations.

What if I need additional pages in the future?

On HTML websites you can add pages at anytime and a small nominal fee is charged for pages. These can be found on additional charges page. CMS websites has no charge for additional pages and unlimited.

What if I don’t have my own webspace?

Most of our clients don’t have their own space and Viper Digital can either host the website for you or arrange webspace with your own account. Having your own webspace means you have full control of your own account. If we host it for you then hosting charges which are very reasonable will be applied. These can be found on additional charges page.

Will my website be submitted to search engines?

Yes. There is no point in having a super website if it cannot be found. Unlike many other companies who charge for optimisation (SEO), Viper Digital offer this service at no extra charge and each newly built site is carefully optimised and submitted to major search engines. Ongoing optimisation plans are also in place so future proof.